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Posted: July 5, 2013 in SEO
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The eight-striper wordmark of IBM, the letters...

The eight-striper wordmark of IBM, the letters “IBM” in City Medium typeface. Introduced in 1967. Trademarked by International Business Machines Corporation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Compaq logo

English: Compaq logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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MPC Services

Image representing IBM as depicted in CrunchBase

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– Micro And Peripheral Computer Services

I am glad to announce that my new client has required my services.

This firm works on a national basis so it cover all the UK territory and its purpose is to cover from “head to toe” supplying your company a complete range of hardware and software from a large number of manufacturers with special discounts to education.

Having as their main suppliers huge brands such as Microsoft, HP / Compaq, 3Com, Cisco an Panasonic your company will be fully equipped in terms of hardware and has over 20 years of experience in the corporate, education and health sectors.

Find MPC Services on

Micro & Peripheral Computer Services
Thirlmere House
55 Thirlmere Gardens

You can also contact them direct by telephone or e-mail on the following:

Telephone: 0208 908 6710
Fax: 0208 908 6815


MPC Services offer a range of services and products in the following designated areas:


hp servers Servers
HP Servers, Compaq Servers, Fujitsu Servers, Sun Servers, IBM Servers, Acer Servers
desktop computers Desktops
HP Desktop Computers, Compaq Desktop Computers, Acer Desktop Computers, Fujitsu Desktop Computers, IBM Desktop Computers, Apple Desktop Computers, Clones
laptops Laptops
Acer Laptops, HP Laptops, IBM Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Panasonic Laptops, Sony Laptops
multi user network Multi-user
Hp Sun IBM Digital
printers Printers
HP Printers, Epson Printers, Kyocera Printers, Lexmark Printers, Brother Printers, Oki Printers, Xerox Printers, Minolta Printers
scanners Scanners
HP Scanners, Epson Scanners, Minolta Scanners, Canon Scanners, Umax Scanners
displays Displays
Sony Displays, Philips Displays, Acer Displays, LG Displays, CTX Displays, Samsung Displays, Nec Displays, Samsung Displays
wireless network Wireless
D-link Smc Belkin Netgear Axis A/Telesyn 3Com, CISCO
switches Switches
Netgear Switches, Belkin Switches, SMC Switches, D-Link Switches, 3-Com Switches, A/Telesyn Switches, CISCO Switches
software Software
Microsoft Adobe Computer Associates Corel Veritas Macromedia Symantec Network Associates
projectors Projectors
NEC Projectors, Philips Projectors, Sony Projectors, Samsung Projectors, Sanyo Projectors, Panasonic Projectors, Toshiba Projectors, Infocus Projectors
pdas PDAs
Acer PDAs, Compaq PDAs, Symbol PDAs, Sony PDAs, Fujitsu PDAs
white boards Whiteboards
Hitachi Whiteboards, Polyvision Whiteboards, Numonics Whiteboards, Displaymate Whiteboards, Sony Whiteboards, HP Whiteboards
thin client Thin Client
Winterm Citrix Neoware IBM
technical support Support
Full support on all products technical information and installationHave a look on their website at and discuss directly prices and offers as well as its systems maintenance.
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