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Mobage created this super creative game (app) that generates millions of dollars per year.

It is just dependent on them? No. Why?

The players created a micro market environment where they value the cards by:

A) Power packs (PP)

B) Dollars ($)

It’s all fine with that, but the problem here is that PP are bought with $ but the transaction value highly decreases when it is to buy cards with $ instead of PP.

This happens because the dollar transaction to the game is made by $ and PP/cards cannot be turned into $ back again so players that invest on the game to have their Return on Investment (ROI) have to give up on the game value in terms of PP in order to have their ROI in terms of dollars, giving time a specific $ value, creating therefore a micro market environment inside the game market.

In order to balance it so players can enjoy their game instead of giving up on playing due to the high value of cards there is a list of cards with updated values in terms of PP:

Note: (

[Note: The last best deal offered is updated with the note “(updated!)”]


(Increase on price per skill level up: 3pp)

New Age Apocalypse 120pp UR, 220pp LG
Jade Giant Hulk 90p UR, 180pp LG
Onslaught 120pp UR, 220pp LG
Symbiote Sire Venom 100pp UR, 200pp LG
Symbiote Venom 90pp UR, 170pp LG
Ultimate Power Hulk 80 UR, 140pp LG
Thanos 75pp, 100pp LG
Berserker Thor 60pp UR, 90pp LG
Beast 40pp UR, 90– LG
Logan 40pp UR, 85pp LG

UR base Tactics

(Increase on price per skill level up: 3pp)

Hawkeye		Undetermined		
Black Panther	120pp UR, 250pp LG	
Scarlet Witch	120pp UR, 250pp LG	
Galactus	120pp UR, 250pp LG	
Believe IM	90pp UR, 190pp LG	
Doctor Doom	80pp UR, 150pp LG	
Magneto		80pp UR, 170pp LG	
Vision		75pp UR		
Psylocke	40pp UR, 80pp LG	
Arc IM		25pp UR, 50pp LG 	
SSA Cap		20pp UR, 40pp LG


(Increase on price per skill level up: 3pp)
Maximum Carnage		500 LG 		Details
BTM Spidey		150pp UR, 300pp LG	Details
Legend Baby Deadpool	150pp UR, 300pp LG	Details
Misunderstood Deadpool	130pp UR, 280pplG	Details
Iceman			120pp UR, 250pp LG	Details
X-23			120pp UR, 250pp LG	Details
Coulson			90pp UR 		Details
Red Skull		60pp UR, 100pp LG	Details
Storm			40pp UR, 75pp LG	Details
PSS Spidey		40pp UR, 75pp LG	Details
FN Spidey		35pp UR, 70pp LG	Details
Nightcrawler		35pp UR, 70pp LG	Details
SoF Ghost Rider		30pp UR, 55pp LG	Details
Quicksilver		25pp UR 		Details


(Increase on price per skill level up: 1pp)DL Thanos                       12pp SSR, 25pp UR
Dormammu			12pp SSR, 25pp UR	
Enraged Father Red Hulk		12pp SSR, 25pp UR	
Chaos King			15pp SSR, 30pp UR	
Proletarian Colossus		14pp SSR, 25pp UR	
TBTI Wolverine			8pp SSR, 15pppp UR	
Cosmic Awareness Surfer		8pp SSR, 15pp UR	
A-Bomb				12-158pp SSR, 14pp UR	
Toxin				8pp SSR, 15pp UR	
Oathbound Surfer		9pp SSR, 18pp UR	
Red She Hulk			7pp SSR, 15pp UR	
Surtur				6pp SSR, 12pp UR	
New Model Sentinel		7pp SSR, 15pp UR
Into The Fray War Machine	5pp SSR, 12pp UR
Ares				7pp SSR, 15pp UR
Ultron				5pp SSR, 12pp UR
Asgardian Lightning Thor	5pp SSR, 12pp UR
Idol of Millions Thing		5pp SSR, 12pp UR
SoA Thor			6pp SSR, 12pp UR
Skaar				5pp SSR, 10pp UR
Havok				4pp SSR,8pp UR	
Jean Grey			5pp SSR, 9pp UR	
First Mutant Apocalypse		5pp SSR, 8pp UR	
Mystics Juggs			1pp SSR, 10-12 UR	
Enemy Inside Hulk		2pp SSR, 5pp UR 	
Crimson Gem Juggs		1pp SSR, 4pp UR		
Thunder God Thor		3pp SSR, 6pp UR		
Infinite Lawyer She Hulk	1pp SSR, 3pp UR		
Jade Giantess She Hulk		1 SSR, 3pp UR		
Incredible Rage Hulk		1pp SSR, 3pp UR		
Ferocious Fighter Wolverine	1pp SSR, 3pp UR	
Thunderbolt Red Hulk		2pp SSR, 4pp UR	
Power Cosmic Surfer		1pp SSR, 3pp UR		


(Increase on price per skill level up: 1pp)

 Weapon-X Deadpool 15pp SSR, 35pp UR 
Maria Hill 10pp SSR, 25pp UR 
Femme Fatale Black Widow 10pp SSR, 20pp UR 
Rocket Raccoon 12pp SSR, 20pp UR 
DG Black Cat 8pp SSR, 16pp UR 
Carnage 8pp SSR, 15pp UR 
Hellfire GR 8pp SSR, 15pp UR 
Quicksilver 8pp SSR, 15pp UR 
Flyboy Torch 7pp SSR, 14pp UR 
Tigra 6pp SSR, 10pp UR 
X-23 5pp SSR, 9pp UR 
Nick Fury 6pp SSR, 12pp UR 
Mystique 5pp SSR, 10pp UR 
Star-Lord 7pp SSR, 14pp UR 
Phoenix Force 6pp SSR, 12pp UR 
Storm 5pp SSR, 10pp UR 
Kree MsM 5pp SSR, 12pp UR  
Nova 3pp SSR, 6pp UR  
First Torch 2pp SSR, 5pp UR 
GR Spidey 3 SSR, 6pp UR 
Hellbike GR 2pp SSR, 4pp UR 
WBL Black Cat 2pp SSR, 5pp UR 
Daredevil 2pp SSR, 4pp UR 
WC Spidey 1pp SSR, 3pp UR 
Annihilus 1pp SSR, 3pp UR

SSR Base Tactics

(Increase on price per skill level up: 1pp)
Dark Avenger Patriot	20pp, 40pp UR	
First Edition IM	15pp SSR, 38pp UR
AP Cap			12pp-SSR, 27pp UR
Rogue			12pp SSR, 25pp UR
Legion			10pp SSR, 20pp UR
Mandarin		7pp SSR, 14pp UR
Militant Mags		7pp SSR, 16pp UR
LoH Patriot		7pp SSR, 15pp UR
Mr Sinister		7pp SSR, 15pp UR
Emma Frost		6pp SSR, 15pp UR
SoL Cap			6pp SSR, 12pp UR
Agent Venom		8pp SSR, 16pp UR
Galacta			8pp SSR, 15pp UR
FH Iron Man		8pp SSR, 15pp UR
Winter Soldier		6pp SSR, 12pp UR
Odin			6pp SSR, 12pp UR
CC Gambit		6pp SSR, 12pp UR
Psylocke		4pp SSR, 12pp UR (updated!)
RE Gambit		5pp SSR, 10pp UR 
Abra Strange		5pp SSR, 10pp UR
Falcon			2pp SSR, 5pp UR	
Hawkeye 		1pp SSR, 3pp UR	
Loki			3pp SSR, 6pp UR	
Scarlet Witch		2 SSR, 6pp UR	
Prof X			2pp SSR, 6pp UR	
Mr Fantastic		2pp SSR, 4pp UR	
Mephisto		1pp SSR, 2pp UR	
Moon Knight		1pp SSR, 3pp UR	
Iron Fist		1pp SSR, 3pp UR