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At the moment I am implementing SEO techniques on this video for HP as I am inserted in the HP competition, a competition for the best 20 students of my university.

You all know about it from the previous post but the good point is that you all can watch the video and going through the QR code or video link you will get dscount on HP products, guaranteed! And YES, discount on computers too!

Check the new Beats by Dre for Audio powering an HP computer, Windows 8 or All-in-one PC’s for your Small business or for yourself!

For this I’ve chosen key personnel:

Sarah Longbottom – Playboy and BAMMA model as she has thousands of followers and its a pretty face;

Dj Lempo – Resident for Bitch Manchester and plays every month in Venus Manchester. Also owns Applique Music (Label)

Venus Manchester – simply the busiest club in Manchester, leading nightlife business and has loads of business partners;

Bitch Manchester – Again, immense representing Lempo and loads of success in 2012 and expected bright future for 2013

This is an initiative taken between University of Salford and Hewlett Packard and an immense opportunity to apply all my knowledge in Search engine optimization, Organic SEO, On-site optimization, Off-site Optimization, PPC campaigns, Social media marketing (SMM) and Search engine Marketing (SEM).

I hope you enjoy this advert on Youtube

English: Beats By Dr. Dre logo

English: Beats By Dr. Dre logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

even if you don’t buy any product.

HP Discounted PC’s Link




Lynch Taxis is most recent client of Frederico Costa, SEO Digital Consultant and is also subject of evaluation for my dissertation.

The challenge here is “how to create value when a local business does not depend on web services?”

Well, it is not their core business but indirectly it is.


customers ring for a taxi but a few does not.

1st thing to be implemented was the online booking the long-run cut off in terms of salaries and gives free advertisement. It is also very useful for business accounts.

What does it has to do with SEO?

It has ALL to do with SEO.

All the text percentage is calculated in order to maximize the word percentage (including headings) so we can appear in more web searches.

Also the use of keyword tools helped to choose the best options available. Obviously every taxi company wants to be on top of google searches for “taxis (city where is based)” but for this case “taxis manchester” is highly competitive so a PPC strategy is being created. Currently we jumped from 7th page to 2nd page and been in 1st page a few weeks ago with organic SEO but the idea is to develop a chap campaign that will attract more visitors and therefore more traffic.

The website domain as changed, with the old website being still active (to do not lose costumers/viewers) but redirecting for the new website, creating more inbound links and helping on page rank.

Mini bus or Mini Coach? Both. But due to competition the strategy oriented Lynch taxis to be more present on Mini Coach were there is a medium competition but loads of searches. We are placed 3rd in the 1st page.

Surrounding areas searches highly jumped with Google Places.

Another discovery is the amount of people looking for taxi fare calculator so we are developing a taxi fare calculator for users that will be just looking for taxi fares but in Lynch Taxis website the user is oriented to book a taxi online with us so there is no point checking how much a booking will cost and go for another taxi company, since they are checking on our website they will rely on our taxis if they are happy with our fare.

Part 2 will continue the next week.

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